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Buck Johnson is hands down the best DWI lawyer in Texas. Not only did my own judge say that, but he got my DWI (March 2016 in Denton County) dropped to an Obstructing of traffic, which is basically like leaving your car on the highway. He saved me over ten thousand dollars in surcharges and prevented the installation of a breathalyzer in my car. If you get a DWI I suggest you get Buck Johnson for the best possible outcome. Don't believe me still? Email me and I'll show you that Buck is the TRUTH when it comes DWI attorneys.

It is my pleasure to recommend George "Buck" Johnson - a GREAT MAN, and a GREAT LAWYER!!! Mr. Johnson is an excellent attorney, and if they gave medals for lawyering he'd deserve the highest commendation medal! From the moment I walked into Mr. Johnsons office, he was both perceptive to my needs and quick to get to the root of the problem I faced. While my case wasn’t exactly an open/close shut case and took nearly two years to resolve, Mr. Johnson and his team made me feel comfortable by continued communication and sticking to a step-by-step action plan. Most of all, Mr. Johnson wasn't afraid to think "outside the box" for my case, and helped me achieve a better resolution to my problem than I could have ever hoped for, a dismissal! Mr. Johnson is a compassionate, intelligent, driven attorney who works hard for his clients, and that is why I give him my highest recommendation! Thank you Buck! -JM

I received a DWI charge several years back. I went through a couple attorneys before I was referred to Mr. Johnson, or "Buck" as he is known by, by a friend that said he was the "best attorney ever". Of course, I took that phrase with a grain of salt at first, but decided to meet with him to see if he was the kind of attorney I wanted on my case. When I first met Buck, I immediately felt at ease. You could tell just by speaking with him for a few minutes that he was extremely knowledgeable and experienced. He is a very straight shooter and will tell it exactly how it is. And boy did he. After a quick review of my paperwork, he said it looks like it could be a tough one, but he wanted to take a closer look when there was more time. I came to Buck with a case that looked gloomy, to say the least. It was a case that seemed stacked against me. Buck assured me not to get ahead of myself, allow him to take a closer look at the evidence, then we would proceed from there. After reviewing the evidence, Buck recommended to me that we fight the case. Never having fought a case before, I was reluctant, but after hearing his reasoning and the confidence in his voice, I agreed. Then the battle began. With it being the court system, it was months before the trial actually occurred. Even though the whole process took months, I never felt like I was out of the loop. Between Buck and his assistant, Misha, there was constant communication back and forth, they answered all the questions that I had, and they were always just a phone call away. They gave me plenty of heads up if I needed to arrive at the courthouse, they advised what to wear, what to expect, everything. As the trial neared, I became more and more nervous. I had never been to trial before. I had no idea what it would be like. But, of course, Buck called me several days before the case itself and went over exactly what to expect. He advised that I would not have to go on to the stand. Just let him take it over from there. Then the day of the trial comes. Buck meets me in the hallway as expected. With a smile on his face, he basically says, ‘Let’s go to work’. I am still nervous, but that quickly subsided once I saw Buck in action. Watching Buck during the case was like watching a superhero in action. He knew exactly what to do, what to say, and when to say it. It was almost unreal. I have seen those shows like “Law and Order”, but none of those attorneys even came close to how well Buck did in the trial. It was amazing seeing this man at work. The case was won purely because of the familiarity, knowledge, and expertise of Buck Johnson. Now, I must admit, this is unfortunately not my first experience with criminal defense attorneys. However, this was by far, the best experience I have ever had with any attorney. Buck Johnson is by far the best attorney I have ever seen in action. Hiring Buck for my case was the best thing I could have ever done and it was truly an honor working with him. I would recommend him to anyone that wants to work with the best. -Jonathan

I would highly recommend George Cave Johnson Jr "Buck" to anyone that needs a hard working, knowledgeable Attorney that will tell it like it is and work to defend his clients to the end. He is informative and ready to fight for his clients defense, with honest review and feedback every step of the way. Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation I have for him and his staff. Misha supports and assist with the same sense of urgency and helpfulness as Buck, creating a comfortable and supportive environment to get you through the process, the details, no matter how long it takes, every step of the way. I am thankful for their hard work and diligence and their confidence in me and my case. I am beyond happy that I trusted my life in their hands. I am at peace knowing Buck was my Angel in court - fighting every step of the way - working diligently to receive an astounding, Not Guilty!!!!! Acquitted!!! Buck Thank You! for everything! For working to get my life back so that I can rest and be at peace to enjoy my family, especially my grand kids without this black cloud over me anymore! You are genuine and excellent at what you do, a real gift. No holds barred. I am super glad you are on my side!!! God Bless! Thank you! Sincerely, respectfully, Jenny

Buck went above and beyond that which I could have imagined from an attorney--especially one found at the last minute. I first met Buck about 6 months ago, during an emergency situation. I could immediately tell that Buck knew not only the law well but also how to sympathetically and empathetically deal with people. As someone who has worked with several attorneys and is attorney them self, I know this is something that is hard to come by. He was, during our first meeting, very helpful and even encouraged me to speak with other attorneys before making a final decision to hire him for my case. While I did visit with other attorneys - some with slightly lower fees - I ultimately chose Buck, just as I thought I would. And, whatever the difference in fees, it was well worth it for me, and I never thought twice about it!

From the onset, Buck was not only reachable but also took his time to explain things in whatever level of detail I requested. From the fine points to "dumbing" down general basics, he was knowledgeable (as an attorney judging another attorney, I can genuinely vouch for this) and a great communicator.

Buck keeps his clients best interests in mind - as proven by the fact that he even checks in about issues unrelated to the case for which I'd hired him. Even after the completion of my case, Buck showed his genuine care by following up just to "check in" and "see how everything was going." It's hard to come by professionals who take the time, but, more importantly, care enough, to do this.

Buck - thank you, again, so very much for all you've done and are doing out of what I know is the simple (yet significant) kindness of your heart and for the true professionalism that you have consistently exhibited. I will recommend Buck and his firm to anyone - friends or colleagues. - DUI Client

"I would highly recommend Buck Johnson if you are ever in need of Legal assistance with a DWI. Buck was highly understanding and responsive throughout the process, providing proactive advice in an easy to understand, straight forward manner. Buck's extensive background and understanding of the law, particularly DWI, was evident up to and throughout the trial. His advice, counsel and capabilities as a trial lawyer were invaluable and ultimately led to a successful defense of my case. In fact, the jury returned the verdict of "not guilty" after a deliberation of less than 20 minutes. Truly incredible, given the amount of circumstantial evidence the prosecution had, not the least of which included me being found by law enforcement asleep at the wheel. Thanks again Buck!" - DWI Client

"Buck kept my boy out of prison when no other lawyer could." - former client's mother

"I owe my freedom to Buck." - former client

"If I were in trouble, I would call Buck." - fellow lawyer

"George "Buck" Johnson is an outstanding attorney. His past experience with the District Attorney's office is apparent as he knows how the system "work". If you think about it, when a citizen is accused of a crime, there is an immediate asymmetric power balance. The State has essentially limitless resources to bring against you, where as most middle-class folks possess finite resources. Hence the need for an AGGRESSIVE attorney who will not merely go through motions, but rather passionately strategize and implement an effective defense." - Ed, DWI Client

"I consulted with a number of attorneys regarding my rather complex case, And decided that Mr. Johnson was the attorney I wanted represent me. He was honest, likeable, displayed the type of integrity and trustworthiness you look for in a lawyer, and he really knows the law!
Mr. Johnson took a real interest in my case, and personally kept me informed on a regular basis. His hard work and dedication to my case paid off, because I couldn't have asked for a better outcome or attorney!" - Criminal Defense Client

"I endorse this lawyer. Buck has the required skill and personality to effectively work with both clients, judges, juries, and opposing counsel. I recommend Buck to anyone with a criminal law matter without hesitation. He is well respected in the legal community." - R. Stewart, Co-worker

"I have known Mr. Johnson for several years, including when he was a strong but fair prosecutor, and as a criminal defense attorney. I have watched him in trial many times, and have found his courtroom skills and professionalism to be excellent. If I was in jail, this is the person I would call." - Nicholas M., Fellow lawyer in community

If you are looking for the best DWI defense attorney in Dallas, look no farther! My daughter blew a high number and Buck was able to get her a deal where she had NO DWI on her record. Buck is extremely professional and hard working and really knows his way around the legal system. I will be forever grateful for what he accomplished for my daughter. - parent of client

Without a doubt, Buck Johnson is the best DWI defense lawyer to have by your side. Buck is extremely hard working, professional and genuinely cares about his clients and their situation. He is always there to answer your questions and provide invaluable advice up-to and throughout the trial. He is an extremely intelligent lawyer who has an extensive knowledge and background with navigating the court system. I would highly recommend Buck; because of him my DWI case was dismissed and I have my freedom back! My family and I are very grateful to have had such a fantastic lawyer by our side. - Erin, DWI client

My daughter was arrested for DUI. During the process her blood alcohol concentration was recorded at .2%. Buck was able to get a dismissed. Throughout the consultation and trial, Buck's performance was impeccable. He was sympathetic to her predicament. His prediction of how events would unfold was accurate; his court room demeanor, presence, advice and real time response to the events was superb. In my opinion, it was obvious to the judge, bailiff and jury; he had the prosecutors on their heels. His timely recommendation to them for a plea resulted in dismissal of the DUI thus avoiding the risk of a jury decision. Buck has to be the best trial lawyer in Dallas County. I highly recommend Buck - Thankful Dad

It is rare to have a "good" experience with any lawyer in a legal situation...but I feel so strongly about what Mr. Johnson has to offer that I feel I must write this for anyone who is looking and in need. Not only is Mr. Johnson intelligent & talented in his field but on a personal level exceeds anyone I've ever encountered. He is the most personable, reassuring, accessible attorney who delivers results as promised. One phone call to him & one's mind is at ease. He is honest, caring and always on the ball. Legal situations, no matter what their nature are stressful for the majority of us & I would recommend working with Mr. Johnson without reserve. Reach out to him...You will be so happy you did!  - New to Dallas

George Cave "Buck" Johnson Jr. came highly recommended as someone who can get the job done and done right while making you feel at ease along the way. He was exactly what I needed for my situation. He is your dedicated advocate at all times and biggest supporter.

Plain and simple, Buck knows criminal law and how to communicate it to people like myself to understand. He was always forthcoming with information and responsive to all my inquiries. I never felt like I was in the dark on anything and always knew the next steps in the case. When Buck says he will do something, he does it and sees it through to the very end...100%. - Ric

Extremely knowledgeable, responsive and professional - My DWI case wasn't clear cut. From the beginning, I thought it would likely be an uphill battle. Mr. Johnson was very through in making sure no stone was left unturned. He was able to get my license back within a few days, never let the police car tape make it to trial and helped persuade the DA that they couldn't prove much with the tape from the jailhouse. Throughout all of the proceedings, Mr. Johnson called to keep me informed of the progress and followed up with a letter for my records. In the end, my DWI charge was reduced to Obstruction of Passageway. I don't know that another attorney would have gotten the same result. Hopefully I won't need an attorney's assistance in the future, but if I do, Mr. Johnson will be my first call and I would recommend him to my friends and family without hesitation. - Jackson


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